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Game introduction

<p>Diorama Detective is a lighthearted AR title all about recreating crime scenes and solving mysteries. It comes to us from developer Studio Cypher, and it&rsquo;s set to launch for iOS devices this Thursday, August 8th.</p><p>The basic idea is that you&rsquo;ll explore detailed dioramas in AR, using clues to crack each case and organising objects and people to recreate crime scenes. The AR tech opens up opportunities to manipulate objects in the environment, capture photos to be used as evidence, and navigate your way to out-of-sight areas.</p>&#;

Game features:

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2、"`She sails on the Royal William, the 20th of June,' says he, `and so she should be here by mid-July. I must set Carpenter Johnson to building me a home for her. Her letter come today. I know before I opened it that it had good news for me. I saw her a few nights ago.'



Game play:


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3、Pride goes before destruction.�


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