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<p>Minions, those little yellow things from Illumination Entertainment’s film Despicable Me, are getting their own game.</p><p>Slated for launch a few months from now, Minions Paradise is in development with the help of EA.</p><p>Players control Phil, a Minion created solely for Minions Paradise.</p><p>After an attempted vacation fails, Phil sets out to create a paradise just for the Minions, which you must build up and design.</p><p>It sounds like the game is at least one part casual city builder, with plenty of mini-games inside.</p><p>EA promises more updates soon.</p><p>Originally, Gameloft held the license for Despicable Me.</p><p>With it, Gameloft created Despicable Me: Minion Rush, which has earned over half a billion downloads so far.</p>.

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