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<p>Raven's Path is a real-time strategy game that's been developed for iOS and Android by Evil Villian Games and it's available now. It will see players engaging in a variety of grid-based battles where the correct position will be the key to emerging victorious.</p><p>Raven's Path is played in portrait orientation and the aim is fairly simple, you'll want to stop the enemies that approach from the top of the screen from reaching the bottom. To do that you'll have to arrange your units to both block and defeat them, which is done through simple flicks and swipes to move that character around the battlefield.</p><p>There are also a variety of units to call upon to help in holding off the enemy forces. There's the Knight who will act as your standard infantry but there are other classes who offer different effects you'll want to consider to. There's the Ancient Healer who, unsurprisingly, heals and the Bishop who offers increased defence and attack buffs.</p>.

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