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<p>With little more than a month to go before release, ARMS' Twitter has just revealed a brand new stage for one of the characters, and it's really, very...purple. <p>??????????????????????!???????????????????!!— ARMS????????? ????? (@ARMS_Cobutter) May 9, 2017 To quickly summarise, ARMS is a PvP fighting sim coming to the Switch next month. Using the Joy-Cons you physically throw out specific moves and can mix and match your character's arms if you fancy different abilities.</p><p>But yes, back to it. ARMS' latest reveal puts Ribbon Girl right at home as a quick GIF shows off the Ribbon Ring (her home stage). It'll be interesting to see how this works as an arena when fighting as the centre of the stage rises a couple of times.</p><p>ARMS releases both physically and digitally on the Nintendo Switch on June 16th for around £49.99/$59.99.</p>.

GAME NAME Stone To Cyborg

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com.sigmateam.Stone To

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