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<p>Rewind: One Last Chance is a bit of an outlier in mobile gaming.</p><p>It's a story-driven game, but not just that, one that touches on religion, one's love for their family, and questions if we can be forgiven for our past.</p><p>You play as Commander Kole Zamon, a man we're told has been captured by those he terrorized, and is now on trial for his crimes against humanity.</p><p>But, it seems that Zamon is no textbook villain. "His love for his daughter is tested. His loyalties are challenged. His religious beliefs are called into question," reads the game's description.</p><p>This terrible man is human, has a family, and has a past. And it's your role in this narrative is to investigate Zamon's personal history.</p><p>You do this by exploring rooms, and solving word and number puzzles. You analyse, decode, decrypt, and gather clues.</p>.

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