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<p>Over in the US, Apple has ditched its automatically generated game pages on the App Store, in favour of lists that have been curated by Apple's editors.</p><p>If you go to the, say, adventure games section on the App Store in the UK you'll get a list of new (and updated) games in that genre, and some nebulous "what's hot" bit.</p><p>The quality of the games on these lists is, shall we say, mixed.</p><p>But go to that same section in the US and you'll see banners for games like Waking Mars and The Silent Age, and hand-picked selections of "Best New Games", "All-Time Greats", "Free Games", and premium games with no in-app purchases.</p><p>Techcrunch spotted the change, and 9 to 5 Mac learnt that Apple switched to the editorially curated lists for games subcategories on May 14th last month. Keep an eye out for the same thing happening in other territories.</p>.

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