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Updated on January 30th, at 15:48: Introversion has said that it's working on iPad and Android versions of the game at the moment.<p>It will be kept as close to the PC version as possible, but some concessions - such as a population cap in your prison - may be made for the lower power of tablets.</p>Original story follows...<p>British indie studio Introversion Software (creator of Uplink) has announced that it will be bringing its detailed prison management sim Prison Architect to mobile.</p><p>The announcement was slipped in among the news that Prison Architect has sold over a million copies on PC during its alpha phase since 2012.</p><p>Introversion also confirmed that the game will exit alpha and the finished version should be released in 2015. With that, Introversion revealed that it would be "branching out."</p><p>"We're currently developing a mobile version," the studio said today.</p><p>Introversion also said that it has teamed up with John Cook of Bad Management LLP to find a publisher for console versions of Prison Architect.</p><p>Will that include PS Vita and 3DS? It's unknown at this point.</p>.

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