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<p>It looks like we're going to have some more Dragon Quest games to fill up our phones with in the not-too-distant future.</p><p>Square Enix has confirmed to Game Informer that there are at least three more games in the works to follow Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IV.</p><p>Surprisingly, considering the chronological curve ball of the release scheme so far, it looks like we'll be getting Dragon Quest I first, followed a few months later by Dragon Quest II and Dragon Quest III.</p><p>Apparently Dragon Quest VII is an unlikely addition to the roster because of its massive amount of text. According to Dragon Quest mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto it would be "technically impossible" to port the 14 year old game.</p><p>How many of these Dragon Quest games will make it to the west remains to be seen, but Square Enix has been pretty sharp with getting English language versions of its mobile catalogue out.</p><p>We're quietly confident we'll see some new Dragon Quests hitting the App Store pretty soon.</p>.

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